Cold weather makes for productivity (apparently!)

Today it is a balmy 10 degrees C in Wellington….brrrrrr! I know there are places in the world much colder but for this South Aussie it is definitely outside of my normal experience. It’s been too cold to do anything but stay inside and I’ve been starting to feel a bit restless and ready to get back into work. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a wonderful time but it’s not like me to take such a long break and I’m used to having tons of things on the go! So without really planning to I actually got a bunch of stuff done for my solo show today. I narrowed down some song choices, checked out some ukulele tutorials and sketched out some costumes.


Most of the material I’m writing from scratch, but I am using one or two things I have already done – revamping them, changing the music or sprucing up the costume. I’m excited to get back to Adelaide and into a fabric store to get working on some of these beauties!

I’m feeling quite grateful that I want to get back to work. I was a bit worried I’d come back from the trip and not want to do any at all. I’m not terribly excited about the boring paperwork stuff, but I am looking forward to teaching again and working on some awesome projects coming up at The Swing Sesh and Peaches ‘n’ Gin.

The next time you’ll hear from me I’ll probably be writing from Radelaide – see you then! ┬áStay warm NZers!


Hello from New Zealand!

I know I’ve been a bit quiet on here, but that’s because I have been on HOLIDAY! Yeah! My husband and I are in New Zealand on our belated honeymoon and we are having a fantastic time. We spent the last 5 days or so in Auckland for Crazy Rhythm – a solo jazz and lindy hop event – and it was really great. I’ll probably do a proper recap of that later. I’m feeling very inspired again by the classes I took and am keen to work on my solo movement.


Yesterday we officially kicked off our road trip through the north island, and spent today tubing through the limestone caves in Waitomo. Man it was so much fun! Tomorrow we’re off to Hobbiton. YAY! Spoiler alert, I am going to nerd out.

I hope you’re all having a grand time. I’ll try and post more updates when I’m near wifi (which appears to be nowhere!).