Top Picks for Adelaide Fringe (no. 4)

The tents are packed away, the food trucks have rolled on, and the Adelaide Fringe is done for another year. What a year! I feel like it really flew by this time. I’m feeling pretty forlorn about it all but luckily I’m going on my honeymoon in 2 weeks which cheers me up! Hooray! I know it’s all over so you can’t go and see these shows, but I saw two excellent shows on the very last night of Fringe that I want to tell you about. If you get to see them elsewhere then you absolutely should!



I saw this show last year at Tuxedo Cat when it was in development and it was really great to see where it had evolved to. The hour flew by with pretty much non-stop laughter as well as some disgusted groans as Trygve mimed out some slightly disturbing scenarios – which were still hilarious. There is plenty of audience participation  which is fun and not terrifying, and it’s amazing how well the scenes are brought to life. Very inspiring for me as an aspiring clown and I highly recommend it!

Kraken is playing next in London…hopefully it’ll be back in Oz soon! 



I (and tons of other people) first saw Puddles performing a cover of “Royals” on Youtube with Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox and was so intrigued. I had no idea why he was dressed as a clown or what was going on but I loved it anyway. So when I saw he was doing a show here I knew I had to see it. The show involves Puddles singing many a sad and beautiful song, yet the show was so funny and heart warming. I walked away with such a fuzzy warm feeling and I have no idea how that happened. Fantastic.

Puddles Pity Party is playing in Melbourne and Sydney. Check out deets here.


Top picks for Adelaide Fringe (no. 3)

I have pretty much finished up my shows for the Fringe – I have a small spot this weekend in The Rhythm Spectacular: The Music of Beyonce doing some swing and charleston (it looks like a really fun show – check it out!), but apart from that I am commencing my usual final week marathon to squeeze as many shows as humanely possible in before it’s all over! Here are some of the great things I’ve seen in the last week.

paul currie

Paul Currie: Release The Baboons

This is one of the most ridiculous and absurd shows I’ve seen,and you have to go in ready to accept that absurdism to have a good time. No one is safe and even those hiding in the back rows had to “kiss the duck”! Paul’s onstage presence is excellent – unfortunately we had a very irritating heckler in the audience but he handled it hilariously. I really don’t want to say too much because it’s one of those shows you just have to go and check out. Take a sense of fun and a touch of ridiculous and you’ll have a great time.

Paul Currie: Release The Baboons plays until March 15th at The Garden of Unearthly Delights. Buy tickets here

Hot brown honey

Hot Brown Honey

Unabashed and unapologetic, the Hot Brown Honeys proceed to smash apart stereotypes and tear down privilege, all backed by a sweet hip hop soundtrack. The Honeys mix burlesque, music, poetry, dance and comedy to create a piece of work that is hilarious, thought provoking and inspiring. If we weren’t all made to stand up and dance at the end of the show, I would have stood up to give them an ovation anyway. Top stuff.

Hot Brown Honey plays until March 15th at The Croquet Club. Buy tickets here.


Sex Idiot By Bryony Kimmings

As soon as I saw Fake It Till You Make It, I knew I wanted to see Kimmings’ other show Sex Idiot. It’s a completely different show (as one would expect) but what it still has is an honest and heartfelt narrartive that is at times funny, sad, and ridiculous. Kimmings’ physicality is great as she parades around the stage in feathered finery, imitating the mating patterns of birds. There is some audience interaction too (I’ll leave you to find that one out yourself), crude stories, and the more vagina synonyms than you can poke a….well, you know.

Sex Idiot By Bryony Kimmings’ plays until March 14th at The Garden Of Unearthly Delights. Buy tickets here.



I saw Tessa Waters do a spot from her show at Fringe Club one night and I thought “Bam! That’s my kind of show”, and boy was I right. Tessa plays “WOMANz”, who combines excellent dance moves, clowning and physical theatre with a sharp wit and large dose of self-love. This is only the second time I have cried with laughter at a show  this Fringe (the first time was Briefs), and my stomach muscles were sore at the end from laughing so hard. A must see!

WOMANz is playing from until March 15th (except Wed) at The Garden of Unearthly Delights. Buy tickets here