Today I wrote a list of all the things I need to do this weekend:

  • The dreaded T-word……..TAX
  • Chuck out the gross food in the bottom of my fridge
  • Properly file away the 629 icons on my laptop desktop
  • Sort through a box of miscellaneous crap under my desk
  • Clean the hair out of my bath drain – makes me want to cut all my hair off again
  • Put all the DVDs back in their correct cases
  • Clear out the props from Adultish out of the back of my car….yep they’re still there.

Nothing in that list particularly inspires me. So here’s the list of things I want to do:

  • Play my ukulele
  • Flip through my fancy cookbooks whilst stuffing takeout in my face
  • Paint
  • Go to brunch and observe the local hipsters
  • Do something exciting and scary, like busking or an improv class
  • Dance
  • Pick out a quilting pattern – my Nanna is going to help me make my first one!
  • Kiss my husband and hug my friends

These are the things I NEED to do, because these are the things that make a life. I also need to add “write philosophical crap” to the list.


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